5 Delicious food items you must try during the winter season!

5 Delicious food items you must try during the winter season!

Winter is around the corner and so are the cravings for delicious and healthy winter food items during the winter season. These changing seasons make us crave different food items at different times of the year, which is the best part by the way. 

With the approaching winter season, it’s time to indulge in seasonal delicacies that keep you warm and cosy. During this season, it’s important to overlook the calories and just dig into freshly prepared warm food you wouldn’t want to miss out on.  

Here is an enticing list of seasonal (winter season) food you must try.

5 food items that you must eat in the winter season

1. Gaajar ka Halwa 

Gaajar ka Halwa is a sweet dish prepared in every household in North India during the winter season. This popularly known sweet dish is a warm food prepared with sugar, milk, and cardamom into the red-grated carrots and then cooked while stirring throughout. This tasty dish is prepared in desi-ghee, which is the best part. Lastly, garnish this sweet dish with almonds, cashews, and raisins at the top. 

Similar to every household, we too are ready to serve you a portion of utterly delicious and healthy winter food. We are inviting you to try our special ‘Gaajar ka Halwa’ at Namashkar Noida which is going to be your favourite place during the winter season. 

2. Moong Dal ka Halwa


Moong Dal ka Halwa is a delectable dessert found at every household & restaurant during the winter season. This popularly known sweet dish is made specifically during the winter season to keep your body prepared for the chilling winter season. This dish is made with moong daal (yellow), milk, and ghee. It is healthy because it is packed with protein and zinc which makes it a healthy winter food item. It also contains potassium and magnesium which help regulate blood pressure. 

Moong Dal ka Halwa is a must try from Namashkar Noida. Don’t think about it. Just come and visit us to have the best warm food – Moong dal ka halwa and Gaajar ka halwa during the winter season. 

3. Rasam 

Rasam is the best healthy winter food item. It’s a South Indian soup and is best to have during the chilling winters. It’s the perfect antidote if you are suffering from common flu and cold. This South Indian soup is uniquely flavoured – made with toor daal along with the goodness of tomatoes, tamarind, and lemon. 

Moreover, some recipes of Rasam are also infused with ginger, pepper, and drumsticks which include healing properties. Its anti-inflammatory and antipyretic properties of spices make it altogether a very delicious and healthy soup to have during the winter season.  

4. Sarson Ka Saag 

Sarson ka Saag is a traditional Punjabi dish. It tastes delicious and is a healthy winter food item made mostly during the winter season. Can you think of a better dish than Sarson ka Saag, specifically during the winter season? Sarson ka Saag is prepared with mustard saag leaves which are rich in antioxidants and it also includes micronutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and Vitamin E.

Honestly, what’s better than having sarson ka saag with Makki ki roti along with butter, radish, amla pickle, and jaggery?  It just can’t get more delicious. 

5. Bajra Khichdi 

Bajra Khichdi is a traditional Rajasthani dish that’s prepared during the winter season. It’s a nutritious dish, chewy in texture, warms up the body (warm food), helps absorb nutrients, and builds muscle tissue. 

Bajra khichdi is a winter comfort food and it’s rich in nutrients phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and fiber. These nutrients reduce degenerative diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, and weight loss. The dish also contains a good amount of iron which helps prevent and reduce anemia. 


As the winter season embraces us with its chilly winds, the culinary delights it brings are equally heartwarming. The array of healthy winter food items discussed, from the tempting Gaajar ka Halwa and Moong Dal ka Halwa to the comforting Rasam, Sarson ka Saag, and Bajra Khichdi, offer not just a treat for the taste buds but also a nourishing experience for the body.

Winter is undoubtedly the time to set aside calorie concerns and savour the richness of these traditional dishes. Whether it’s the sweetness of carrots mingling with desi ghee, the protein-packed goodness of Moong Dal, the healing warmth of Rasam, the antioxidant-rich Sarson ka Saag, or the nutrient-loaded Bajra Khichdi, each dish tells a story of tradition, health, and the joy of indulgence. Embrace the flavours of winter and create memories that warm not just the body but also the soul.

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