Graphic Saying: Discover the Art of Mithai Making at Namashkar - A Sweet Shop in Noida

Discover the Art of Mithai Making at Namashkar – A Sweet Shop in Noida


If sweets are always your go-to thing and you are in Noida, then you must visit this beautiful place which goes by the name of Namashkar. It’s not only any ordinary sweet shop in Noida; it’s the place where a variety of Indian sweets can be taken as the source of the rich and long traditions of mithai making. Let’s enter the sugar world and find what made the Namashkar store unique.

The Sugar Crush Inn at Noida

Noida city houses Namashkar in its soul and this is a shop which makes everything special and sweet. When you enter the store, the smell of freshly baked treats presents itself, and your mouth waters to perfection. Sweets displayed in every corner of the shop attract attention immediately.

Indian Sweets in Noida

Namaskar is known as the store where we provide the largest variety of naturally made Indian sweets in Noida. The spectrum of dishes ranges from the widely known such as Gulab Jamun and jalebi to the more unorthodox like the kaju katli and pedal, that would delight everyone with the taste. This secret is the traditional family recipe used by years of the previous generations.

The Art of Mithai(Sweets) Making

Have you ever wondered how those mouthwatering candies come to life? At Namashkar the sweet shop in Noida, people can enjoy making mithai while watching what is happening. The artists who are professionals in whatever they do work in the kitchen to cook those sweets, especially with their magic. Watching the dough get kneaded, shaped, and put into the fryer is a small act in a chain of events that proves their love of the craft.

The Ingredients

The recipes at Namashkar are so good in heaven because of the fineness of the ingredients that are used. We use the best ingredients, which are acquired from chosen trusted suppliers for our candy. Be it the beautiful and indulgent “khowa” in our barfis or the aromatic saffron in our rasgullas, every ingredient has its distinct character and makes a tremendous contribution to the overall flavor of the dish.

Innovation with Tradition

Although Namashkar pays tribute to classic flavors, its use of innovative ideas to keep the business fresh and funky is an appealing feature. You could come across various updates on traditional sweets, substituting the old flavors with new ones that fit the present trends of consumption. Nonetheless, regardless of how much they fancy they will be, in the end, the souls of olden-days mithai-making always are the same.

The Joy of Sharing

Sweets are an important part of Indian culture as they also mean love, celebrations, and fellow feelings. No matter if the next event is a festival, a wedding, or just a getting-together of friends, Namashkar’s sweets always bring an extra taste of sweetness to the execution of the action. The pleasure of having your taste buds tickled while savoring these delectable titbits is joy unparalleled and sharing them with your loved ones is the sweetest.


The city traces its strong heritage back to the old practice of preparing mithai. It illustrates this very clearly through the continued existence of Namashkar a sweet shop in Noida whereby the old way of mithai making is retained even in a modern context. It has indeed accomplished this feat thanks to its vibrant selection of Indian sweets and its dedication to quality and tradition. Therefore, it has enjoined the hearts and palates of people in Noida. It follows that the next time your eyes are swollen with hunger, you should visit Namashkar and let your tongue taste this life-surpassing pleasure.

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